Mystical energy massage

My speciality lies in offering very, slow warm and tender massages with my super-sensitive hands.


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About me

I do only massage by hands!
I dont offer sex!

Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen!

I am a certified masseuse & energy healer. I practice massage for women, men and lgbt people. My speciality lies in offering very slow, warm and tender massages with my super-sensitive hands. I Include spiritual elements and mystic energy is an important part of my work - finally balancing your energy with pure unconditional love.

- it is a mystical energy massage of the whole body with a ritual, increasing energy, half of the time devoted to intimate massage.

- I work with HAND, on a quality massage table, I stay CLOTHED

Prior to your massage, I would really like to know more about you, should you feel to share: how you feel, why you are coming, what is your intention? your wishes for the session? I provide a space where you may relax fully, cease thinking, let go of all your stresses, so the intensity and intimacy, connection and healing can come. Tell me your preferences & release, relax & allow yourself to fully join & enjoy the present moment.

I am a sensitive and gentle woman. I love working with nice people, providing massages and healing. Please, allow me to open your heart a little bit more, to help you find your happiness and deeper sense of self. This is more than work for me; this is my life's mission. I would like to help you to be happier & more peaceful. Discover your moments of silence and unlimited space. For a moment, just be. Let the past go, forget the future, enter the now & go with the flow...
I really look forward to meeting you. I will be your guide and can take you on a journey via an exciting, energetically rejuvinating massage. We can stop time and you can fully enjoy the amazing feeling of your body buzzing with sensual energy. Come and meet my magical hands and let me make you smile.

14 years of experience working with people by therapy, energy work, concessness touch

Terms & Boundaries:
Regardless of what other masseuses may offer, it is not acceptable to consider that you shall necessarily receive the same service from myself. Each masseuse shall have their own boundaries.
Throughout our session together, the only one who massages or touches the other is me. The invitation for you is to simply receive & enjoy the exquisite mix of
pleasure & healing, that I offer. Physical connection is okay, however my own body is a sacred temple for me & for my partner & I would ask you to please respect that & to certainly not attempt to touch my intimate areas, or kiss, etc. Maintaining the focus on you is also paramount for receiving the maximum rejuvinating & healing benefits that has to offer.

I recommend 150 minutes for session, minimum is 120 minutes. Massage for natural deep relaxation, contains more elements & requires time.

Your session: first your intention, short consultation, begin with ritual while standing, leading to massage of your whole body as you lay down on your belly. My long slow touch, my hands upon your back, ass area, legs. I give intimate area veri long attention and care... When you turn around, you receive long unrushed massage, including the highly sensual and intimate area of your body, you breath and feel yourself... Feel the tickling, electrification, shaking of your body and realigning of your energy. Simply the best experience and perhaps a very different time for you. Deeper than many different services, more intimate, slow & gradule, not too fast, a more complete experience for re-tuning your emotional field and reducing stress.

I look forward to seeing you.

Im not a escort, I do not do full service, no extras, ONLY MASSAGE by my super-sensitive hands.

Thank you
Wishing you a terrific day, Tender tantra x


English, czech
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Prague 8, ─îimice

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